Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Secret Lairs: Influence Map - Kayak

The 'Could Be' Hero Prop

This is my Influence Map for my Hero Prop for Demonic Eskimo. I really want to make this kayak very intricate and decorative. Perhaps in the style of some traditional Kayaks rather than modern ones. 

I really like the last image with the black, white & red patterns on the outside of the Kayak. This is something that I would like to replicate in my designs.

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  1. Hero prop sounds cool :) Just wondering though if this kayak is the same one your character was sent down the river in or a newer one? If its the former, then is it sentimental to her, ignored or the embodiment of her hate? If its the latter, what is it made of? Older kayak pieces just stitched together or is it something made from her environment? Does she know how to make one? Or is it something improvised? The red, black and white design looks awesome and looks very aggressive, it reminds me of zullu and celt war paint. Hope this helps! :D