Friday, 15 November 2013

Secret Lairs: BW Digital Thumbnails

Secret Lair (Underground) 'Cave' Digital Thumbnails

Aiming to use a better approach when it comes to creating Concept Art, I have began using less thick line art  when creating my thumbnails and really just zoning in on the 'painterly' side of some techniques. I'm really excited that I have started to create some interesting ideas just using suggestive mark making.

As my 'Hero Prop' is made out of ice, I wanted to create a 'glass-like' appearance to my painting. I would appreciate any feedback on any of these designs that I could potentially take forward and develop.


  1. yes, lovely to see you working a bit differently here - very evocative. In terms of your hero prop, 139 looks naturalistic and most obviously crystalline.

  2. Love these, especially the bottom set! Very beautiful :)

  3. Hey Heidi :) Loving 139 and 140 and their glassy feel. Possibly filling in the black hole in 142 would help it feel more complete. The secret lair thumbnail 136 feels like a grand space and the crystal is a real strong focal point within the image and the ambient light that grazes the distant details of the room makes the space feel more complete. Possibly see what other compositions using the crystal as focal point would look like and experiment with this, like the area around the crystal deformed by the supposed ambient power or aesthetics that make the scene feel lived in or used by your character. Hope this helps! ;)