Friday, 30 October 2015

Minor Project: Silver - Hat Designs and Hands Update

Hat Designs and Hands Update

This evening I was able to further design Silver. As she is a character from a fairytale universe, originating from the 1800's from modern folklore; the theory of her wearing a modern snapchat did not seem right at all. So I have tried to design one if it were made around that time. Leather, stitching and buckles.

I also improved the 'believability' of her hands, so I decreased their size while moving them lower towards the wrist. I also believe her outfit is working.


  1. I'm sure you're getting onto this, but the key thing re. those big silver hands is a) to make sense of the way in which they transition into her wrist/arm area - as they can't look like gloves, they need to look as if they've 'come' from her arms, as opposed to been 'attached' to them - and b) to convey that they're powerful but not 'heavy' - if they were heavy, she couldn't move them, and she'd fall over - so you need to visually explain that they're 'energy hands' as opposed to 'physical hands' - if you see what I mean?

  2. Yup on it. I think I can show all this by her action pose, definitely. That is mainly my only worry with her as a character.