Thursday, 1 October 2015

Minor Project: The Beast - More Sketches 02 and 'The Conflict'

The Beast
Initial Sketches (02)

I've taken sketches (2) and (3) and developed them further. I want to understand his form, so a talk with Justin may be in need; but for now these are my attempts.


The Beast needs a conflict; a social head to head which makes him who he is. The one word that sums up this character is 'REVENGE'. So his conflict is that he is normally a shy, timid creature who now is forced into the open with nowhere to hide; alongside pure hatred for all magic.


  1. maybe draw some action poses? show him off a bit more rather than stiff, lets see some expression?
    Good stuff though :)

    1. I definitely plan to! :) Just trying to figure out what he 'sort of' will look like (for my own personal benefit), Thanks, though! :)