Friday, 23 October 2015

Minor Project: Script - First Draft

First Draft

Still think this is way off what I am truly wanting. The ending needs working on further indefinitely.

A young GIRL (Silver) is seen running fast through a forest.
Camera switches to view of birds flying above her in the same direction.
Camera shots are looking at SILVER through the tree's as she is running. Soon a growl and branch snap is heard.
SILVER hears the noises and stops suddenly, within an open part of the forest.
Camera pans down low to the ground with SILVER in the background. A large foot stomps into view. SILVER turns.
Camera shows upper body of the BEAR (Prince).
SILVER tilts her head and speaks arrogantly to the BEAR.

Huh. About time you showed up.

The BEAR subtly smiles while he growls.
Suddenly, a deep voice fills the woods with laughter.
Camera shows a birds eye view of SILVER and the BEAR.
BEAR and SILVER try to pinpoint the location of the voice.

Hahahaha. Ahhh, well isn't this a beautiful... moment.

The BEAST keeps out of sight as he begins to speak to SILVER and the BEAR.
The BEAR and Silver still can't locate the sound.

I was hoping the rest of your little friends would be here, too, but... no matter.

Close up of the bear as he growls angrily.
SILVER speaks cocky to the BEAST.

Such a big beasty afraid of a lil' girl, eh?

Distant, low angle shot of SILVER and the BEAR.

Oh come now... Silver. We all know who truly is, afraid.

Camera slowly moves around the open space where SILVER and the BEAR stand. The Beast's voice is everywhere around them.
Shot of a shadowy outline of the Beast's fur and eerie sounds as he moves from out of shot as he speaks.

Your magic... is nothing but a flaw. It is a defect; A pitiful joke, a game played between your very own, unruly Gods.

You wish!

The BEAST roars in anger, scaring all the animals around. Birds again. The BEAR takes a step forward.
SILVER reveals activates her huge silver hands.

... Oh you have no idea.

Being imprisoned taught me... everything. You believe that you are the embodiment of... hope.

Shoulder shot of SILVER as she turns her head to the side.

So I'm going to take that from you first.

The BEAR turns in shot angrily as he speaks to the BEAST.

Enough of your games, Beast!

More eerie shots of the BEAST as he speaks.

So eager... So determined... So... Weak. What would King Daddy say, hahaha...

But, yes. I think that our little game ends here. Watch now, as I turn your pathetic magic... against you!

The BEAST dramatically reveals himself by revealing his glowing features. Then roars.

[Name of Brand]
Slow revealing of the glowing eyes of the BEAST.

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