Tuesday, 20 October 2015

@Phil Minor Project: The Beast - Figure Update?

The Beast
Figure Update?

This evening I was able to sit down and re-think the figure of the Beast. I designed figure (2) on the basis of what we discussed on Monday; a more human look with potential to use the previous design as some form of 'battle mode'. However, I kept listening to the voice of the Lord of Darkness & Smaug and I thought about the concept of having the 'puffer-fish' effect. So number (1) is more bat-like and slim, but when angry he could become huge, along with wings.
Also I thought about including a tattoo of Belle's name.


  1. Okay - well, I love how responsive and speedy you are, Heidi - you're a talented young lady and no mistake. I think he's looking rather too heroic now - even a bit smiley. He could be a goodie, if it wasn't for his dead bat's eye... You're beginning to get a sense of him being a bit more 'aristocratic' - a lord of darkness more than an animalistic thug (which he resembled prior). I really like the idea of him being tattooed with Belles name - in fact, his obsession with her might mean that he's more tattooed than that! A bit like Russian gangsters...


    I think maybe, in terms of body shape/limb proportion you might want to look at Satyrs as your 'bestial' reference.... (but not the cuddly kind!) Satyrs were characterised by their bestial, rapist ways! It doesn't mean he can't have wings, as I understand he's so messed about he's a bit of everything, but in terms of giving him a definitely different silhouette to the Bear, you might need to think about what's happening with his legs...


    1. I was getting this heroic sense from him from the get go because of the Bear. I'll push him further into the arms of a hybrid. The Russian gangster's tattoos is great; hes like the creepy boyfriend after the first date who gets your name inked! Thanks, Phil. :)