Thursday, 15 October 2015

Minor Project: The Bear Prince - Face & Body Size Development

The Bear Prince
Facial Feature's Development

Body Size Ideas
Using Original Face

I thought B worked best as he's not too small or too big. I can also see him walking on all four's when needed.

Body B with faces (1), (3) & (4)
Any opinions welcome!


  1. Maybe you need to compromise a bit in terms of his 'bearness' - so yes, obviously he's a bear, but maybe he needs to register in our minds a 'leading man' too; he's a bit 'belly heavy' to seem heroic here, and you need to be wary of making his proportions drift towards 'the comedic' or 'the buffoon'. You might want to look at Beast from the x-men as a potential reference:

    Maybe you need to think of him as a 'were-bear' - as a hybrid, because otherwise you might always struggle to make him seem credibly heroic and likewise 'intelligent'. So, while he was indeed transformed into a bear, he was actually 'hybridised with a bear', if you see what I mean.

    1. Yeah that makes sense, I'll work on his form. :) I still want him to be slightly more bear than man, but no where near as much as the Beast. Thanks, Phil!

  2. ... because you don't want me looking like a giant ewok - and he is looking here like a bit of an ewok - and while I think these drawings are effective, he'd not signalling his heroism or his masculinity, and he needs to be more human than your big hairy villain.

  3. I think there's something wrong with his nose too...Are you going for more 'Human' than 'bear'?', If not his nose could be a little more pronounced....As Phil said. He's a bit too Ewok at the moment.