Sunday, 1 November 2015

Minor Project: Silver - Action Pose

 Action Pose

Late this evening I have finished off the pose for Silver, demonstrating her hands aren't just large boxing gloves and that they show some form of power. I will also show a close up of the hands indicating how they are attached. Personally, I think that her left hand should be angled differently. However after many attempts I went with what still indicates that she is punching.


  1. Hey Heidi,

    While reading your script I had a thought which I should have had earlier; you make the point that we're only meeting the Bear Prince, Silver and The Beast in your trailer, but the character from your original Adaptation project obviously exists, as she was modelled (but not completed). I suppose I've always been assuming that she has a role in your trailer too, as she is part of your universe, and isn't it true that your third year is about this collection of fairy story super heroes? Obviously, you can't get assessed on her design, but anything you remodel, or animate etc is 'new content'. The decision to include her will change your script obviously, and it's not a conversation we've had yet. Personally, it would seem odd if she wasn't part of your final year ambitions, don't you think?

    1. Hmm well, if I am honest, looking back I am not very happy with Briar-Rose's design completely. Personally, I think that she wouldn't fit with this trailer I am seeing/creating now. I did consider using her right at the beginning, but now I feel that the characters I have would communicate the world greatly. I have also had changes within my script, which I will soon post which communicates the names of the other heroes which adds to the drama of the animation.