Friday, 18 September 2015

@Phil Third Year Project: Story?

"Money Tree"

 This was an idea I had just after discussing the images you linked me and was unsure if to post.  
 I already am looking further into other areas encase this doesn't show potential.

TL;DR: A young hero has bestowed the power of the tree; a gift from the pool of dreams. She must learn to focus this power, and put a stop to the villain harnessing the seed and connecting the gateway to the realm of nightmares.

Dreams & Nightmares

The 'world' was fueled by a tree that was a gift from the pool of dreams. It was the source of life; guidance, knowledge and balance; harnessing it's energy from it's seed. One night, the seed was stolen by a group of monsters sent by another (villain) who sought it's raw power to awaken the echo of nightmares. When the seed was stolen, the remaining essence of the tree fell to the purest creature it could find, a young hero, bestowing the last of it's power. After the fall of the tree, the people scattered among the forests.

Years past and the hero and her grand-farther hid away high up in the tree tops. The grand-farther trained the hero to defend herself. The monstrous echos of the nightmare hunted for the last essence of the tree, and on one day, the hero's hideout was ambushed. The hero and her grand-farther both fought back the creatures, however her grand-father had been hit. As the hero watched, her sadness, her anger and all her strength awakened the essence within; finishing off the remaining echos. Her grand-farther muttered that she was the only chance of the dream returning to their world; the only chance for harmony to be restored. That she must look into the light when surrounded by darkness.

However, an echo that got away reported the sighting of the essence to the villain. His creatures are on the hunt for her and her power. The hero must follow the villains path and find where the villain has control over the seed and close the gateway to the nightmare. The hero has to go on the search for the seed and along the way finds a sidekick. The hero has to steal back the seed, defeat the villain for good and restore the balance of the forest.


  1. Morning Heidi,

    Okay - being completely honest here - I don't completely understand your summary: what is the 'pool of dreams' *exactly*? How/why does a *pool* of dream make a seed...? It's very 'misty' and spongy and I don't understand your world. Can you write more practically and likewise more specifically?

    1. Hi Phil.

      I keep messing up don't I, ha. Ok so, the idea behind the madness was to invent a world within the threshold of a dream, reality and nightmare. So the "pool" of dreams is really just a word a thought of; 'floating' and calmness when describing a dream; didn't completely realise the whole "pool" being a reference to physical water. So I understand the confusion when related to a seed, if that is what you meant.

      I'm thinking that I may hold out a bit until the briefing on Tuesday. I think that my ideas are still not getting anywhere at the moment. I think I should just go back to the basic "what if an actual money tree existed?" And look at some more influences.