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@Alan/Phil Minor Project: The Story and Character Profiles

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The 'Tweaked' Story

A creature (The Monster) was found by a alchemist and used as part of an experiment in the fields of magic and artificial intelligence; in belief he can help cure and perfect the magical world. However, the monsters new obsession for pure magical power resulted in a rebellion against the alchemist and other magical lifeforms. Escaping his confinement, the monster sought all he thought "unworthy" of magical abilities within the world, taking the power within them for himself. (His actions causing a butterfly effect for the events of the heroes) He was later stopped by the alchemist and is now kept within a high security lock-down prison. Decades past since the monster was captured, with many believing the tale to be legend.

The heroes fear the creator, but also the creation.

The Monster <-Link

  • Wants: To seek sources of magic to fulfill his needs and to purge the world of "unworthiness".
  • Needs: To realize that the world is not to blame for his past experiences.
  • Change: That he cannot save the world from imperfection, so he must purge the world of it.
  • Flaws: Unable to see above his own opinion of the magical creatures and relentless seeking of power.
  • Conflict: Remembering his past; (people misunderstanding and being afraid of him) the naivety of his creator and the thought of being free and able to live in a world of 'perfection'.

The Creator/Alchemist

  • Wants: A potion to create the perfect magical being with artificial intelligence to fix the magic in the world.
  • Needs: To look upon the world as not something that needs changing, but something beautiful.
  • Change: Understood that the world did not need saving and the cause of the chaos around the world was keeping the monster alive; which was his own undoing.
  • Flaws: Unable to kill the Monster and cannot stop his compulsiveness to perfect the world.
  • Conflict: To see the world for not only its mistakes but also its successes, but cannot undo his attempts at finding perfection.

  • Wants: To remove the curse of transforming into a bear and completely stay as a humanoid prince forever.
  • Needs: Understand that not everyone judges a book by its cover.
  • Change: Not seeing his bear form as a hindrance, but as something unique and powerful.
  • Flaws: Dislikes his bear form and seeks to find a cure while suppressing his feelings for Rose Red.
  • Conflict: Enjoys the strength and power as a bear, but wants to fulfill the needs of Rose Red.

Rose-Red <-Link

  • Wants: To be in a relationship with the prince, but only as a humanoid.
  • Needs: Understand that all men do not always look like 'Prince Charming'.
  • Change: That her love for the prince goes beyond his appearance and curse, but for who he is.
  • Flaws: Does not want to be with a bear, but with a prince.
  • Conflict: She is conflicted about her love for the prince and the thought of being with him as a dangerous bear.

Adapted Silver Hands (A Creature) <-Link

  • Wants: To get revenge for loosing his/her original hands to a butcher because of mischievous ways.
  • Needs: To learn from his/her mistakes while learning to control his/her new powers from the hands given to him/her by an unknowing blacksmith.
  • Change: Able to control the powers, becomes trustworthy and wants to be part of a team.
  • Flaws: Manipulative and mischievous, always putting him/herself first.
  • Conflict: Putting his/her own needs and wants aside to help the heroes.

  • Wants: To fit in within a community.
  • Needs: Allow himself to reveal his true identity.
  • Change: Reveals who he truly is to the rest of the heroes; a shape-shifter. Stops his criminal ways and embraces new friendship.
  • Flaws: Likes to be anyone he wants and never allows himself to become attached to someone.
  • Conflict: Conflicted about having no attachments/ freedom and learning to accept his feelings towards his new group of friends; specially Briar-Rose.

  • Wants: Be rid of the spell of 'death' upon her awakening, also to show the world she is strong and independent; never allowing anyone to help her.
  • Needs: To understand that it was not her own or attempted rescuers fault that she was never rescued.
  • Change: That not all men are bad; allowing her friends to help her and become part of a family.
  • Flaws: Stubborn and will not forgive. Sees her power as a reminder of her past.
  • Conflict: Her feelings towards the the Master Thief are growing, but can not allow herself to be hurt again.

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  1. Hey Heidi :)

    Lots of complexity here - like this is what you need to know, but not what I need to know. Could you just write - very simply - a 500 word synopsis of your story universe - something you could give to a stranger to your project and they'd understand.