Friday, 25 September 2015

Minor Project: Understanding My Goals

Understanding My Goals

After a discussion with Alan, we simmered down what it is exactly that I ultimately want/need/should produce by the end of the year. I will be producing a set of characters with strong personalities, while also animating them so their own 'character' is being brought to life. I also discussed general completion goals. I know I cannot produce 7 characters by the end of the year; so from my previous post, I will aim to produce 3 or maybe 4 characters (max) that will allow me time to model them at a high standard, but also able to animate them fully.

Minor Project Goal:

To have fully designed, modeled, skinned, rigged and textured the chosen set of characters; capturing their personalities. Animatic and turnarounds.

End of Year Goal:

To have an animation sequence between the chosen characters that ultimately 'brings them all to life'.

What Next?

I will produce a character portfolio of each characters wants, needs, flaws; etc., underlining their personalities before I begin to design them. This will help me when it comes to their own facial and body expression sketches that will allow me to escape from being afraid of drawing 'humans'.

As I would like to create the 'Bear' character as one of my chosen heroes, the discussion with Alan about fur and its difficulties were as I expected. This I would need to fight for if I followed the 'realistic path', yet their was also a chance to look into other possibilities. If I brought down my drawings a notch; from semi-realistic to slightly more 'cartoony', their could be a way around fur. This is a quick influence map of the type of style of characters I aim to produce. They still hold definition and form yet allow for more personality.


  1. I think you need your animatic as part of your minor project - it's the context for the character design and modelling - it should be there, and it should be there nice and early...