Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Minor Project: Year Long Project Proposal

After the realization that all in all, I seem to spin around in circles when it comes to finding an idea that hasn't already been done or similar too; I have decided to look back to my previous projects. After a discussion with Phil, he and Alan think that I should look back to my Adaptation B project; I believe this is the way forward. My Adaptation B project consisted of seven characters, with only five having some designs. But (in my honest opinion) none having been finished to a finalized stage.

Project Proposal:

"A year long project, deriving a cast of characters and their story from my original (Adaptation B) Project."

A full re-think of the characters will be issued, with time to derive each character fully; including high levels of design. I would also think of the world's origin for the characters, as well as an update on how they are designed; i.e, 'exaggerated' and perhaps 'not completely human'. I would also think about updating the cast of heroes with a unique art style.

(H) Briar-Rose    (Original Sleeping Beauty)   <-Link
(H) Rose Red     (Snow Whites Sister)   <-Link                     (Replace with Snow White?)
(H) The Bear     (A Cursed Prince - Friend of the Sisters)   <-Link
(H) The Thief     (Norwegian Fairytale)  <-Link
(H) Silver Hands     (The Girl Without Hands)   <-Link
(V) The Monster    (The Owl Fairytale)   <-Link
(V) The Creator    (Made up - Creator of the Monster & deformed the heroes)

Key Features: Year Long Project -  Animatic - Animation for Film - Genre: Action & Fantasy

Idea (1): Design all 7 characters; resulting in turnarounds.

Idea (2): Design the Monster and the 5 heroes; resulting in turnarounds with limited animation.

Idea (3): Design the Monster & Creator with 2 heroes. Perhaps an animation for each.

Idea (4): Design the heroes Rose Red, the Bear and the Monster to a high modelling standard and have a short animation between them. Perhaps a fight scene; almost like a teaser for the characters if the was part of a film.

I really like the Idea (4) as it would make for an interesting result and could help me explore Maya and challenge my skill set. Otherwise, I am unsure if designing all would be possible/ good for a demo reel to show a variety of skills... If so perhaps Idea (3).

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