Monday, 28 September 2015

Minor Project: Initial Back-Story Synopsis

Initial Back-Story Synopsis
Just 500 Words!

One night a scientist/alchemist found a vulnerable creature. The creature was full of anger and despair, as many were scared of him for how he looked. The alchemist saw the world as boring and imperfect, so befriended the young creature and used him within his experiments to recreate the creatures magical abilities. He dreamed of creating magic that would enlighten the lands, but most importantly... to be rich. However, soon the creature became corrupted due to the years of experiments and remembering is past. He believed that world was too imperfect and could not be saved; so must be purged of all magic. One night, the creature rebelled against the scientist/alchemist and other life forms; hunting down all he thought unworthy of his magical powers; taking back their magic for himself.

Over the years of torment and terror, the scientist/alchemist conjured a potion to put a stop to the creatures onslaught. He knocked the creature from the sky; yet could not find it within himself to destroy it. He had the creature captured and imprisoned within a high security lock-down chamber. Yet the creature was smarter than he expected, waiting for the perfect opportunity to escape.

Heroes Back-Story

Through his rage and savagery, his actions would cause a butterfly effect leading to the events of the heroes. The creature ventured into the forest and trapped the Bear Prince knowing who he was and removed his magical ability to turn back into a human prince. He was later found by a travelling Circus who forcefully used him within their acts. His lover, Rose-Red never saw him again until her visit to the local Circus where she recognized him and attempted to rescue him with the help of her old friend 'The Master Thief'.

'The Master Thief' became an orphan at the age 6 when his parents were the first victims of the creature when he was unaware of the ability of stealing magic. He was unseen and therefore untouched by the creature. He survived alone until he was later found by Rose-Red and they became friends.

The creature attempted to steal the powers from 'Silver Hands' after barely escaping from his clutches; running through a Briar-Rose hedge using her power of telekinesis to make a pathway. She eventually sought refugee within Briar-Rose's tower; awakening her.

The monster stole the magical power from a fairy godmother who was unable to enchant a sword that would help a savior fight the thorns and vines surrounding Briar-Rose's tower. After being in a sleep for 100 years, the curse of death had taken over her. She was awakened by 'Silver Hands' and was horrified to find that she had not been rescued like the fairy godmother had said. They escaped the thorns and made their way into the forest, where they saw lights coming from a nearby Circus.

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