Monday, 28 September 2015

@Phil Minor Project: REVISED SYNOPSIS


In the land of the 'Brothers Grimm' fairy tales, the world is home to the characters of original stories that live among magical and non-magical beings. Among the non-magical folk is an alchemist, a business man, viscerally conjuring ways in which to become extremely powerful; while at the same time, rich. One night on his travels, he discovers 'The Beast' from 'Beauty & the Beast', angry and betrayed. Belle had left him to return home to her farther, promising to return soon. The Beast, however fears she will not and is convinced of rejection; leaving the castle feeling that no one will ever care for him. The alchemist saw this as his opportunity, so decided to trick the Beast and appear friendly and comforting; asking him to come back to his 'home'.

The alchemist imprisoned and used the Beast as a source of power, extracting his endless amounts of magic to use on his experiments; his storage room filled with vials of "bottled magic" which he plans to sell to non-magical beings to make his fortune. However, the Beast's magic was a curse; corrupted and foul. The alchemists experiments soon turned into twisted creatures and the Beast grew ever more powerful for every extraction the alchemist made. One night, the Beast's inner rage and hatred for magic and magical beings had become unstoppable. His life's miseries all boiled down to the existence of magic. The Beast broke out his prison and brutally killed the alchemist, freeing all the experiments who now followed his lead into the world to purge all with magical powers. He is on the hunt to destroy the very 'thing' he is.


  1. Okay - much better in terms of back-story - the only thing that isn't clear is the alchemist's business model - i.e. extracting magic from the cursed beast, in order to sell on to non-magical beings, and thus make his fortune.

    *Also - I wonder, instead of making Belle a villain, how about the Beast meets the alchemist just after the bit in the Beauty and the Beast story in which Belle goes back to her father. Belle has promised to return (which she plans on doing!) but the Beast convinces himself she won't and so fearing rejection, he leaves his castle, and it's at that point that he meets the alchemist, convinced that no one will ever care for him...

    1. Ah, yes I forgot to mention his business. I also think that the Beast fearing rejection adds to ever feeling more sorry for him. Awww!

      Should I start some sketches now or finish the rest of the story off first?

  2. Heidi - do both! Stop waiting - the two activities aren't disconnected: you need to progress more confidently - draw/imagine/re-draw - onwards!!!