Saturday, 28 February 2015

Adaptation (B): More 'The Bear' Development

More 'The Bear' Development
Feedback Welcome!

After having a better understanding of 'The Bear' character I decided to refine his thumbnail into a more detailed sketch. I have added and combined several ideas from my first initial sketches. I think Numbers (1) and (4) work the best.


  1. My favourite is (1), but maybe with the pattern from (4) or (5) subtly within the dark part of the clothing rather than the light :)

  2. Hi Heidi

    I would say number 6 with some extra details. I think in all your drawings the chest is too 'blank', it needs breaking up with a small detail...a few small curls, something in the fur that resembles a clasp (too hold a royal cloak together etc)? Also, whilst I think your drawings are good they're a little bit 'something and nothing' - in simple terms they're very loose drawings which are not quite specific or detailed enough yet to flush out the entire character. This particularly true of the eyes/ face..I find myself trying imagine the rest of the drawing. If you're going to make these in 3D at some point they need to take on a more specific form eventually.

  3. Example...

    1. I totally see what you're saying, Alan. Definitely needs that patten on the chest. His face is still 'blank' at the moment as I would like to experiment with different facial features eventually. But adding just a bit of detail can make him come to life. :)