Tuesday, 17 February 2015

@Alan Adaptation (B): Character & Story

Initial Character & Story Backgrounds:

A force from within the 'nether' has escaped and is pouring into the realm of the 'real'. These bunch of unsuspecting heroes have been recruited for their known skills and array of powers that can rid the world of this infestation. They must come together despite their differences, and combine their strengths to fight back against the force that is infecting their world under a control of a Villain.

The Master Thief:
Orphan child of a skilled Weapons-Smith.

The Bear:
A powerful being kept for a showcase as a freak.

Never truly ridden the spell and power of death after awakening.

The Owl:
An ancient creature who seeks to find a purpose.

Girl with Silver Hands:
Has always been told to keep her powerful hands a secret.

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  1. Hi Heidi

    Yes thats the kind of thing...I'd flush it out a bit more though..a name of a villain and may be how he could be related to Fairy Tales...eg who is evil in a fairy tale universe? what is undoing of a fairy tale universe? what would make you're villain strong/ powerful?