Wednesday, 18 February 2015

@Alan Adaptation (B): The Villain

The Villain
The Breakdown

After looking around at famous villains from well known 'fairy tales' and stories, it seems that most want to have something, be something or someone with a lust for devastation and superiority. I also thought about what makes an undoing of a fairy tale universe, with a world with lots of powerful beings and so on, the villain would most likely want to harness more or want its power back.


'The Owl' was first created by a scientist as part of an experiment in the fields of magic and artificial intelligence. However, this power and intelligence soon resulted in its rebellion against his creator and other magical lifeforms. After escaping and seeking more powerful magic, he was soon defeated by his creator and is now kept in a security lock-down prison. Centuries has past since the creature was captured, with many now believing it to now be myth or legend.

The heroes fear the creator, but also the creation.

As I have many characters for my heroes in general, I thought about when I first had my tutorial with Alan and how 'The Owl' was the one that didn't quite 'fit in' as a hero. So I've thought about my situation and realize that I could utilize this and have the villain as 'The Owl' and bring back 'Rose-Red' who is partnered with 'The Bear'.

The Owl

The Master Thief
Briar Rose
The Girl with Silver Hands
    & The Bear

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