Friday, 6 February 2015

Adaptation (A): Submission

Adaptation (A): Submission
How the Potato Changed the World

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  1. Ok the bad news first, you’re film stutters for the following reason – Motion blur is not turned on. This is such a shame given that you’ve managed to create something which has professional qualities in every other area - your drawings, the appeal, the tone, the information, the music, and the animation are all spot on. Unfortunately the stutter is making it hard to judge whether your work is paced correctly too, on the one hand I want to say ‘slow down’ just a little so the text has more time on screen however this may just be due to the stuttering. I’d seriously recommend that you re-render your work with motion blur on to compare the results and if fixed it would be well worth uploading your work to the video infographic community. Well done.

    Note: There is an outside chance that the stutter is also caused by the codec conversion…I suggest looking at that too if motion blur doesn’t work.