Saturday, 10 January 2015

@Alan @Phil Adaptation (A): The Tiny Ideas


After the pitch I decided to explore more "small" objects that changed the world that we know it. So I've made a list of four main ideas that I've looked into and found information about.

Blue LED

I really like the idea of either the Blue LED's or Microchips as there are fascinating facts that revolve around them. Microchips are everywhere and are the tiny things that co-ordinate and program the biggest and most import pieces of equipment, including the recovery of our pets. Also the invention of Blue LED's was a breakthrough in the 1990's that allowed the creation of white lights so therefore changing the way we watch movies, store data and how we light the world.


  1. i dont know if this is relevant or not but if microchips relate to circuitboards in anyway - theres something interesting there - APPARENTLY - the circuit board is in the same layout as some of the pyramids, which is also a layout of the brain (i think) and stars
    stars and pyramids definitley not sure about the brain part....

    1. Oh I see, now that you mention it I think I've heard something similar as well. Thank you Rose. :)

  2. Hi Heidi

    The reason why A Screw stood out as being interesting was it ordinary-ness. The microchip, LED, X-ray are all a little too technically special (computers = magic etc). Also, the history of the microchip has already been done many times....Finding an article like the one below would be a good start...the information is there but nothing visual and its an 'ordinary' object / food...

    How the potato changed the world...[%22og.likes%22]&page=1

    1. Yeah, I guess you're right. I'll continue to have a look around for less computerised options.