Monday, 12 January 2015

@Alan Adaptation (B): Ideas

Adaptation (B): Ideas
Any Feedback?

As I'd love to pursue a career in the mix of character design, my Adaptation (B) project will capture that particular part of my interest which will also help me when it comes to my minor and major projects next year. In my Character project I personally felt that my villain character lacked something unique and overall I want to push myself further when it comes to designing unique and bold characters; My aim is to create a new set of characters and story to ultimately push myself in my 2D & 3D skills.

What to Adapt?

At first I was going along the ideas of taking something from 'the old' and bringing it to something 'new' - famous paintings, books, etc. However I felt that this was very dull and ordinary. So I have looked into some 'other' ideas that I found that could evoke different and unique ideas.

Sculpture/Water Colour


  1. Hi Heidi

    Ok, the key to improving is to change the way you approach your work (otherwise you will repeat the same mistakes). However the hard part is obviously identifying what to change - its hard to see the boat rocking when you're sitting in it. Embracing change is also hard too. So what to improve?...

    Artistic ability: You draw well so skill is not an issue. However giving yourself a conceptual challenge which takes you away from your comfort zone would help to push your work into new territory. You will also need to consider your design work in relationship to 3D technology - At the moment your work is very good but sketchy and one step away from being model ready.

    Maya skills: There was a positive shift in your ability towards the end of the narrative project however there was still a little way to go in terms of understanding geometry flow and overall sculpting ability (not too far). This is obviously the project to get this sorted out but I would suggest keeping this in mind...Any character you design should allow 'wriggle room' to improve your abilities. If it becomes too complex / sketchy / vague it will become much harder to solidify your skills.

    Concept: The problem you identified with your villain is a clue to what is generally a common mistake whilst learning - Starting with either an overly complex idea and not simplifying or having a generic concept that doesn't become more specific. If you think about your narrative project (complex/ not quite an animation) and your villain (slightly generic/ not quite a character) finding a conceptual and practical balance has been somewhat of an issue during the last term. Obviously I'm simplifying things a little but in the spirit of overall criticism with a view to improving your work its important that you recognise this as the root cause stopping you achieving more.

    With that in I would suggest looking for a more 'specific' central concept that allows you to be creative with it, inspires new design approaches, and then practically make. If you start too vague you will again struggle to more forward.

    We will have a chat in your tutorial and discuss a possible source material that suits your aspirations too.