Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Adaptation (B): After Tutorial Thoughts

After Tutorial Thoughts
A New Idea

After speaking with Alan today, he suggested that I should push myself more in terms of potential for an adaptation project; not loop myself back into mistakes I made previously. 

Therefore my new idea that sounds like something I could really enjoy and push myself with is to collect a group of five characters from classical books/movies/stories etc, and bring them into a new genre and completely re-design them.

Initial Characters
Any Feedback?

  • One of the Bears from Goldilocks & The Three Bears
  • Lilo or Stitch (Grown up) from Lilo & Stitch
  • Mulan
  • Jack Jack (Grown up) from the Incredible's
  • Alice or the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland
  • Peter Pan or Tiger Lilly from Peter Pan
  • Ratty from Wind in the Willows
  • One of the Smurfs


  1. This approach only works if they all come from the same era and have a literary source. Take a look at The League of Extrodinary Gentleman - Both the graphic novel and film (which used different characters due to copyright). They fit together due to their literary undertones - Adventure/ Horror/ Sci-fi etc...The character are...

    Graphic Novel...

    Mina Murray (Dracula)
    Allan Quatermain
    Hawley Griffin (The Invisible Man)
    Dr. Jekyll/Mr Hyde
    Captain Nemo
    Orlando (Immortal)
    Fu Manchu
    Professor Moriarty


    Allan Quatermain
    Captain Nemo
    Mina Harker (Mina Murray - Dracula)
    Dorian Gray
    Tom Sawyer
    Dr. Jekyll/Mr Hyde
    The Invisible Man

  2. Think of it as a coming together of characters who appear to be from the same universe.

  3. There is also a film called Murder by Death which is a pastiche of detectives from 1930's literature and film...There is

    Milo Perrier - Who is really Hurcule Poirot (Agatha Christie)
    Sam Diamond - Who is really Sam Spade (Maltese Falcon)
    Jessica Marbles - Who is really Miss Marple (Agatha Christie)
    Dick & Dora Charlston - Who are really Nick & Nora Charlston (From the Thin Man)
    Inspector Sidney Wang - Who is really Charlie Chan (From Books and Films of the 1930's)

    Again they can all exist in the same period and universe


    1. The 'Murder by Death' made this easier for me to understand, thanks Alan. :) So basically if I wanted characters to come together - they must be of similar interests/backstory/persona? So for instance 'strong and independent' characters from Walt Disney could work? or the known side-kicks for instance?

    2. Mulan & Maleficent for example?