Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Adaptation (B): Character Abilities & Methodology

Character Abilities & Methodology

As I want to create a group of five characters (But model one for my Adaptation (B) project) I want to outline each characters abilities with a general understanding of who they are before I begin designing them using a particular method. I was thinking either watercolour/ watercolour pencils/ pastels.

Briar Rose: Necromancer, can call aid from the undead, can control nature at her will.

Master Thief: Master of deception, gunslinger.

Rose-Red / Bear: A young girl that looks innocent until she calls her bear-like-creature companion to fight along side her OR a man who turns into a bear-like-creature to fight/Jekyll and Hyde - cute until threatened.

The Girl Without Hands: Bionic hands, out of proportion, detachable/up-gradable/changeable.

The Owl: Creature-like, hides away until aggravated or tormented, the groups secret weapon.

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