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Adaptation (B): About the Characters

Adaptation (B)

After my tutorial with Alan, we discussed that these characters are very different yet all want the same things. Which works as a group. The stories all have something sad about them that could connect them all together. So now I am outlining what we discussed in this post; what the characters could be, their personal issues as well as any other potential ideas for them.

Story: In the original story, Briar Rose sleeps among the many corpses of her attempted rescuers that got caught in the thorny Briar hedge that surrounded her chamber. She was never rescued and after 100 years, the curse was lifted; and she awoke.

Idea: Necromancer/Voodoo/Death

Personal: Wants someone to be her 'savior'. Seeks companionship, but not one of the dead.

- The Master Thief

Story: The Master Thief is a boy who becomes a man but throughout his life he has to prove himself and make friends through his ways of being a thief and a master of disguise. He is denied to marry a girl he loves, until her farther is so afraid of his stealing ways, he allows it.

Idea: Shape-Shifter/Ninja/Magician

Personal: Wants to have true friends. Never has had the feeling of being part of a family.

- Rose-Red

Story: The sister of Snow-White, who befriends a bear. The girl finds a dwarf who is nasty to her when she tries ties to help him and one day the bear finds the dwarf and kills him. The curse is lifted and the bear turns out to be a prince.

Idea: A girl who has a bear as her weapon and protector/Jekyll and Hyde bear

Personal: The girl wants a relationship with the prince, but he can never stay in human form long enough and remains mostly as a bear. They can never truly have a real relationship, but they are each others protector.

- The Owl

Story: An Owl wants to live in a barn, who terrorizes the locals who then want him to leave. They burn the barn to try and kill the owl.

Idea: A shadow/Mysterious Creature/Pet

Personal: Homeless and just wants to find somewhere to stay; also no one to be scared of him/her.

- The Girl Without Hands

Story: A girl plays with the devil, who then fails to complete a task set by her and because her hands are too clean; he cannot take her with him. As punishment, he cuts of her hands. A fairy helps her, where she she later marries a king who makes her hands out of silver, but is tormented by the devil.

Idea: Can control objects or gravity/Bionically enhanced/Turns people to Silver/Stength

Personal: Doesn't want anyone to judge her by her appearance.

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