Friday, 28 February 2014

The Fantastic Voyage: Underlining the Voyage

The BIG Idea

The idea for my Fantastic Voyage project is an embrace on 'Nature' and how 'Beautiful' everything is under a microscope. I plan on making this a mix between a 'game' with a semi-technical aspects such as mechanics featured within the environment, yet combining it with the Cellular Mold; being the Nature.

Idea 1: First Person   -   Idea 2: Third Person

I would like to find a way of narrating the path of the Mold; stage by stage. Either seen in first person or third person view. (The audience). We would be shown through each stage as 'we' would encounter a new challenge/objective. The camera/audience could interact and watch things as the 'player' engages with certain objects. For example; as the Spores release Amoebas.

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