Monday, 3 February 2014

Script to Screen: What colour do you think of?

All may answer these questions! 
Thank you!

As a part of my concept art, I want colour to be a main influence to my designs. I am currently on the process of digitally thumb-nailing environment concepts, however I feel that the soon I know the style of the environment and what it gives to the viewer is of equal importance.


Question (1)

What colour(s) reminds you about a Dentist?

Question (2)

What colour(s) reminds you of the word 'disgusting'?

Question (3)

What colour(s) reminds you of a Hero?

Question (4)

What colour(s) remind you of a Villain?

Question (5)

What is YOUR favorite colour?


If you could please write a comment on this post answering as many of these questions as possible. I have already started asking people as I see them, however I would be very grateful for out-side the 'class room' feedback.


  1. 1) Blue
    2) Green
    3) Blue and White
    4) Purple
    5) Purple
    Hope this helps ;)

  2. 1) White
    2) Green
    3) Gold
    4) Red
    5) Blue

  3. 1] white
    2] yellow
    3] red
    4] purple
    5] blue

  4. 1. White
    2. Yellow
    3. Blue, Green
    4. Black
    5. Red

  5. 1. Green/Blue
    2. Yellowish-green
    3. Golden
    4. Red, Purple, Green
    5. Red/Turquoise/Green

  6. 1) White, Blue but also Red and Yellow - gums and teeth.
    2) Green, Yellow, Brown
    3) Lighter shades of Red, Blue, Green
    4) Crimson/Dark Red, Black, Grey, Green
    5) Dark Blue

    Btw Green is reminiscent of the Incredible Hulk, who could be considered both heroic yet also villainous when in a rage - same goes for Slimer from Ghostbusters. It also is related to jelousy/envy, "to be Green Green with envy".

    Green is a great colour for making things look natural -grass, leaves- or even heroic -Green Lantern, but also if you up the intensity it becomes something unnatural/disgusting that is reminiscent of green slime/gunge or snot.

    It's great that you're using peoples colour connotations to drive your work, using viewers subconscious to gain the desired result is a very powerful thing! :)

  7. 1. Blue and white

    2. Yellow, green and brown

    3. Red, white, blue

    4. Purple, black, green

    5. Purple

  8. 1) silver and white
    2) brown and dark green
    3) white and gold
    4) red and dark green
    5) red

  9. 1) Red and Silver

  10. 1) White/Silver
    2) Green/Mustard Yellow
    3) Gold/Red/Blue
    4) Red/Purple/Black/Green
    5) Red!