Monday, 10 February 2014

Script to Screen: Environment Thumbnails

Quick Digital Thumbnails

These are my initial environment concept thumbnails for both the bedroom and mouth scene. These are very quick and are just to get the feel of space and how I could manipulate particular structures.

^The Mouth (Building Site)

My idea for the mouth environment is that the actually 'Mouth' wouldn't be so recognisable as a mouth. Therefore I could still play with the idea of random figures and shapes, however remembering my key word; 'Building Site'. I imagine there to be a lot of ropes and 'diggers'. Maybe from thumbnail (1) that the Villain is planning his last demolition of the nervous system of the teeth. Therefore the concept would orientate around that centre piece.

<Carrie's Bedroom

Carries bedroom is going to be black and white however the light from the corridor will be a eye piercing yellow/white. This will act like a strip of colour in one diagonal line across the floor, bed and partially over her face. This room will not be shown full size, and will only properly be seen at the beginning.

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