Thursday, 13 February 2014

Script to Screen: Hero Character Designs

Creating the Hero: Feedback Welcome!

Here are pages of my development for my Hero.
As he is a character with large ears or hair with gadgets.



Out of the two ideas, idea number (1) is my overall favorite design. Its different, unique and has its own sense of character straight away.


  1. definitely one of the designs from (1) and tbh the core design looks the best. I think it is between that and 6 because you can be a lot more expressive. Also you want your character to have gadgets so try placing some sort of goggles on him :) maybe like sam fisher from splinter cell or naked snake from the up and coming metal gear solid ground zeros.. hope this helps :)

  2. Hey Heidi, Like Rhys said, adding some sort of goggles onto your hero character would definitely fit the bill. Would also like to see the costume shown some more love as well ;)