Monday, 17 February 2014

Script to Screen: Final Mouth Concept

Final Mouth Environment Concept


  1. Hi Heidi! These are starting to look really strong. Your illustrative quality is starting to read which is important and something you want to keep. In fact, it's something you want to keep pushing in your artwork.

    I would however, suggest that you try to solidify your world a bit more. The line work is an important part of your style, but I feel like it needs some form underneath it to pin it to a surface. So, the curved blue lines at the top of the image would fit better if they had some form underneath, rather than simply floating line art. Combining this form with line art will look unique in itself, but also read as a space that can translate to 3d.

    This example may help explain what I mean -

    You may also want to look at tonal value. If you de-saturate your image and look at the levels from black to white, you may see that things are still all a bit mid grey. Just pushing the foreground to have a higher range of tonal value will help the space read. I know you are probably rushing towards a deadline, but these small changes will help convey your ideas well to an audience.

    1. Thank you for your advice & guidance, Jordan. I'll adding minor touches during today. :)