Monday, 16 November 2015

Minor Project: Environment & Animation Influences

Environment & Animation Influences

For my animation & animatic, I want my world to still resemble 'fairy tales' - so in it's own right to be something beautiful, but still kept in line with the characters. After a tutorial with Phil, we agreed that perhaps my world would enrich the colours of the characters, i.e the world will be in snow; bare trees with the moonlight piercing through the branches. Blues, chromes, silvers and pure blacks would create complimentary colours for the Beast, with his array of oranges. This would call for a lot of atmospheric, wide-angled shots and scenic lighting to convey the mood.

We also decided that the Beast would be most scary if he was to talk for less. So the reveal of the Beast will be a extremely dramatic. His piercing shadow through the trees looking like hes grasping the heroes, with the orange creeping its way towards them like a fire, emphasizing the "big reveal".

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