Monday, 1 June 2015

Minor/Major Project Ideas (1)

Minor/Major Project Ideas

After having a conversation with Phil and Alan about my third year, we discussed how I should obtain an idea before I think aesthetically. Phil and I talked about if we lived in a world were 'pigs could actually fly' to demonstrate how far one idea could be expanded and developed. So I have been thinking about some interesting questions/situations to start my idea from.

  • What if clouds were made of candy floss?
  • What if gold was actually at the end of the rainbow?
  • What if insects were the size of dogs?
  • What if there was no gravity?
  • What if we lived inside the Moon?
  • What if fizzy drinks turned people into 'monsters'?
  • What if listening to music gave you 'powers'?
  • What if the air turned poisonous?
  • What if we lived in the sky?
  • What if everyone lost their voice?
  • What if there was an actual money tree?
  • What if we were allergic to sunlight?
  • What if a gun had a 'soul'?

I'm hoping to come up with more of these unless some already have potential. Aiming for an idea by the end of next week. Any suggestions/thoughts?


  1. I like 'dog-sized insects' and 'Money tree' - certainly, 'money tree' creates lots of problems in a world - in terms of security; in terms of 'autumn' as a kind of 'gold rush'; if money grew on trees (i.e. there's a lot of it) then money would probably cease to have the value it now has; therefore, it might be that there is just one money tree that provides all the wealth and riches for a society - and that, I guess would be highly protected - and its caretaker would be a very important person indeed!

    Dog-sized insects - this is interesting because, in character design terms, you could look at the various 'types' of dog - the silly sort a celebrity might keep in their handbag to fierce guard dogs - and map insect-world characteristics onto those types - so bumble-bees as 'working dogs' and big old beetles as staffordshire bull terriers. That said, if insects were pets, who are the owners? Another list of questions are now required as you drill into the logic thrown up by each premise - just keep asking logically 'cause-and-effect' questions...

  2. I like the dog sized bugs and poisonous air!