Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Minor/Major Project Thoughts

Minor/Major Project Thoughts

For my third year project(s) I am thinking about having it as one large project. The project would focus on character design leading to an animated cinematic of some sort.

I have been watching countless animated shorts, new upcoming film trailers and game advertisements and I have embedded some that I found most inspiring. I don't have any actual 'ideas' yet, however a mixture of these next cinematic's/animated shorts give a range of ideas.


  1. Hi Heidi

    Nice to see you thinking about your third year. What you're describing is a 'Genre' piece, meaning that you can either make a 'very good one of those' in a particular genre (spy, horror, sci-fi etc - Tom Farringdon / the examples you have already) or approach it from a genre 'satirical/ loving / tropes' view point - A 'reverse' take such as making a deliberately good/ bad trailer. In both cases you need to become an expert in genre cinema (bad and good - B and A movies) so you know exactly what you're making and where modern cinema has originated from.

  2. A fun exercise to do when you're thinking of making this kind of work is to watch 'bad trailers' to gain a bit of perspective on what make the examples you have above good. The cheap 'B-movies' versions (1960's - 2010's) are fun to watch too (often hilariously bad) and can give you more 'left field' ideas due to their low budget - Another idea could be to look at your version being from the viewpoint of another, if you use the 70's view of sci-fi as the basis for a modern film for example (see link below).

    An average movie but a nice idea...

    1. Ah yes thank you Alan, this makes sense to look into alternative genres, but most importantly bad and good ones. :)