Monday, 8 June 2015

Third Year Project: Potential Ideas Development

Minor/Major Project Potential List & Development

This list is a collection of all my top 'What if' questions. So I am now going to develop some of my favorites to see what ideas that could get out of them. Basic development until I find one or two ideas to take further.

  1. What if insects were the size of dogs?
  2. What if fizzy drinks turned people into 'monsters'?
  3. What if listening to music gave you 'powers'?
  4. What if the air turned poisonous?
  5. What if there was an actual money tree?
  6. What if there were actual 'monsters' hiding under peoples bed's?
  7. What if vehicles were replaced with large domesticated animals?
  8. What if mother nature was a real person?

Premise: What if insects were the size of dogs?

After Phil's comment about the insects idea, I went ahead to think about the owners and what kind of world would inhabit 'dog sized' insects.

  • Could the owners also be something associated with insects? Animals, plants, food or rubbish?
  • Maybe this world is inside a forgotten green house, rubbish tip, or wheelie bin?

Premise: What if fizzy drinks turned people into 'monsters'?

This idea could relate to the world right now. They're so popular, they will more than likely still be produced in 'the future'. In today's society, so many people drink fizzy drinks these days to even care whats on the label, with 'new & (apparently) improved' formulas selling like hotcakes and not many people care to see what it could be doing to their health.

  • Maybe a popular fizzy drink company (Or a future brand) had put something inside the liquid mistakenly (or not) and made people so addicted to it, it turned them 'mad'?
  • Could the drink have turned them into wild beasts that become under the control of someone?
  • If it was a mistake, then maybe the whole world has changed and adapted to the creatures beyond; potentially training fighters to put an end to it?
  • The concept of a man made object ruining 'nature' - but on another planet.

Premise: What if the air turned poisonous?

Poisonous air stood out to me when I first thought of it. If the air really did turn poisonous, then what would it have done to the world? How would the world react?

  • Would we now live somewhere else in the universe?
  • Plants, trees, earth itself deformed and corrupted? Creating new intelligent life?
  • New rules, law, government, society?

Premise: What if mother nature was a real person?

If mother nature was a physical being, how would she fit in a civilized society? Who or what would she be? Her purpose?

  • Could mother nature's plan be to end the human race? Too much of a lost cause?
  • Becomes so well loved she changes for the worse? (Nazi Germany reference)
  • Maybe mother nature is someone who travels worlds to bring balance?

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