Tuesday, 17 March 2015

@Alan Adaptation (B): Rose-Red Advice


I still am not sure about Rose-Red. I have created her hair and face, but I have also created thumbnails about her in general. She is the 'partner' of the 'Bear' and I would assume she would be similar to him in some form or another. A 'tragic love story but with a happy ending'. Or the alternative would be that she embraces that he is a bear and they are both just act like brother and sister and have their own personalities.


  1. Hi Heidi

    Interesting idea...I like the thinking. Audrey Hepburn was famous for wearing head scarfs which also plays into your idea...perhaps taking a look at her wearing those might give you a more elegant way to design/ achieve your idea. A hoody / scarf / bear suit combo?

  2. Note....It could also be a bear dress combo too