Saturday, 20 December 2014

Character: Improved Game Foundation & Character


"A corrupt world in demand of new technology and power..."

Anthropomorphic Character

As I progressed through my designs, I thought that my characters - individually - were not as strong. However, after a refined story, I believe that combining my designs into one incredibly strong and unique character would work best.

Hero: Fenix
Age: 12
Mouse or Badger
Blind - Staff

Spirit of Mother Nature

Villain: Red Eye
Age: Unknown

The Back Story

The game would be set in a world of 'Industrial Technology' in search of new resources and power, lead by a mechanically enhanced villain. During this time, children from as young as the age 6 were ordered to work and serve the government, with many being killed that were unable to do so. During the reaping, many parents tried to flee the city to save their children, but many were gunned down or captured. One mother made it to the forest, where she left her little girl to escape. Venturing deeper into the forest, away from the city; the blind little girl with only but a staff as her guide was stopped in her path by a glowing orb - whispering to her. As she ventured closer, the orb came to life - mother nature had answered - awakened to her call. She led the young girl to safety and spoke of a future, a legacy of a child leading the tide against the revolution; a fight for freedom, equality and the beauty of nature - who's blindness would be her strength, not a weakness - but something special.

Video Game: Play-Style

The perspective will be in third person. Stealthy, infiltration based game.

Missions would relate to sabotaging the villains inventions/ sneaking into factories and stealing parts/ equipment/ plans etc. Knocking out "guards" - open world to do optional missions to help out others. Special ability to see through walls and find objects difficult to see when she hits the ground with her staff. Mother Nature companion would be a guide/ advisor and guru to aid through missions.

Stealth/Hiding, Skill, Violence & Memory


Recent designs for my new main character - both 'Miss B' and the old 'Fenix the Fox' designs where combined. I decided to keep the same name as its quite rememberable.

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