Thursday, 18 December 2014

Character: Fenix's Outfit

Fenix's Outfit Idea
Feedback Welcome!

For my own understanding, I wanted Fenix's outfit to actually have some sort of meaning and reason behind him wearing it. (Considering my game is involving children from the Industrial Revolution) So I underlined key points for his outfit.

To do list:

Weapon Design(s)
Final Line Art Design with Weapon
Colour Comps
Character Expression Sheet
Action Poses/Concept Art

Fenix's Body Update

After many, many thoughts about the style and approach to my characters, I looked back to the roots of my three cards - Crime, Age & Revolution - and decide to use and creatively show 'Age' better within my characters. So Fenix has dramatically changed (to me) and thereby looks younger than in previous sketches.

Before this new approach there was some rough ideas for his clothing. I decided to reposition the 'poncho' like outfit towards to the shoulder, allowing for more designs for the front.

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