Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Fantastic Voyage: OGR (1)

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  1. OGR 05/03/2014

    Hey Heidi,

    Am liking the direction of this - and the idea of actually 'game-ifying' this reproductive cycle is looking like something you should consider. Obviously, no one expects you to code a working game's engine, but thinking about interactivity and how a user might engage proactively with getting the 'slug' to join with a bunch of other slugs, so that the fruiting body can commence etc, does sound like the sort of goal that drives addictive games. I really like the line art style you've got going on, because it feels more 'indie', though maybe your target audience needs things to be a bit more 'Wreck It Ralph'? I think this should all be explored further. Some influences that spring to mind when I think about your gaming world:

    LocoRoco (because it's so wonderfully charming!)

    Katamari (because of the idea of slugs aggregating with other slugs as part of the simulated gameplay)

    and Max Axe (as a playable slug fending off enemies in order to congregate and spawn)

    and Marble Madness (as another gameplay idea, in terms of moving your slug around an environment)

    I think the idea of creating a 'proof of concept' trailer of an educational game teaching teens about the reproductive cycle of a slime mold is a great challenge, so in answer to your OGR;s final question 'Arcade Game?' I'm thinking 'Yes'! No brainer!