Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Fantastic Voyage: OGR (1) Response

OGR (1) Response

After receiving feedback from my OGR: I had the big YES to go ahead and develop my Arcade game themed animation. This said; I have taken a broader look at possible ideas that Phil has linked to me and other various discoveries along the way.

I also had a look at old school arcade games here.


Max Axe struck me the most from what Phil linked me. Its the up-scrolling ''RADICAL''-ness that really impresses me. This is certainly something to influence my animation as a trailer with game-play.

Voice Over & Effects

For me, Bejeweled had one of the most remembered soundtracks and voice over. Its something that keeps you interested in the game and wanting to reach those high scores and multiple combos.

I think my sounds should stay feminine; however this may change later as my idea evolves.

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