Wednesday, 8 June 2016

@Phil ND: 5/7 Images

ND: 5/7 Images

I have these images that I feel might work for me in ND. I have also listed below what I plan to do for the other images. I was going with the idea of having images that show my progress but also other ideas I had.

@Phil What about colour? Feels like I should either leave them black and white or have something similar to the colours in the Beast design poster? Should I improve on the colours of the Beast? Or should I have a colour theme running through all the images?

Poster 6: Wireframe of Beast
Poster 7: Drawn Silver (Action/Casual) Pose


  1. I like them - except the weapons page - you've got so many lovely drawings of your characters, I think that's a bit of a waste? Personally, I think you need three kick-arse full renders of your 3 characters looking awesome - and the other four posters being drawn content: love single image of bear prince - very strong; love the page of Silver's faces. There should be a finished beast drawing in there too - and maybe Silver in fighting mode? What do you think?

    1. Hi - I guess the weapons page is something that should stay in my art of, wasn't too sure if to include renders, but I will do so, now. But I agree about the Bear's Pose and Silver's facial expressions, I'll get cracking on the rest. Was there a deadline by the time you need them by?

  2. Well, Friday 10th was my original deadline - as I need to get all the prints to the printer by the 15th, and there's a bit to do to the files before they go off - so Friday would be ideal, by the end of the weekend would be okay :) Hope all is going well Heidi with everything. I'm very excited to see your three characters in all their glory :D