Monday, 18 April 2016

@Phil/Alan WIP Stage 1: Draft Animatic Voice Over // Unedited

Stage: 1 Draft Animatic Voice Over // Unedited

First initial draft of my animatic including the unedited (read straight through) version of my voice over. I have included some shots that I can see coming to life in my animation. It is a very basic draft as I am unsure in what shots would be best in a wide 3D space and how to represent them right now, another brain freeze if I'm honest. @Phil/Alan I guess we could have discussions about what shots/perspectives and transitions could work.


  • First scene will be lightning/thunder. Voice starts at 14 sec.
  • The lighting on Silver is what I plan to use throughout the scenes.
  • The drawing of The Beast is to represent him moving past the camera revealing the next shot as he passes through. I plan on implicating this effect in the later version(s).
  • Voice Over is unedited and is not 100% final - It cuts off before the whole voice over is read as I am still working with the voice actor on line delivery.


  1. okay yes - let's talk tomorrow - let's get this sorted :)

  2. Hey Heidi - come find me this morning - I'm in the big room on the ground floor with the two big glass windows!