Wednesday, 13 April 2016

@Alan Major Project: Animation Style Ideas

Animation Style Ideas

I have found some images that compel to me the most. I have looked at the films you suggested, but I also included references of my own knowledge, such as the film 'John Wick' and the game 'The Wolf Among Us'. The other images are from my gallery of reference material I have gathered over the years on the course.

The noir film stills and the red and blue images are similar to what we discussed. But I am also keen on the second image down from the top right. The green, black and white is very appealing, so I feel like these images are where I want to start.

Only God Forgives
John Wick
Blade Runner
The Wolf Among Us
Various Concept Art

EDIT: Added some horror/gothic films.

Crimson peak
Corpse Bride
The Fog

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  1. I'll give these some thought...What about adding some horror examples too?