Saturday, 4 April 2015

@Alan Adaptation (B): Updated Briar-Rose Head

Updated Briar-Rose Head

I'm soon wanting to get started in Maya and model her head, however obviously I need to figure out the face first. After many, many attempts to try and use the old design I figured it wasn't going to work. So I went ahead to try and design a new one yet keeping some qualities from the original. So I thought I would check it out with you first before I get the hair sorted. Is there anything wrong with the perspective from the front and side? Anything wrong/missing from her that I should look back to the old design for? I personally find this design more appealing and it a lot easier to understand for posing/expressions.


  1. Hi Heidi

    Without wanting to appear controversial...I'm a little confused as to why you are wanting to redesign the look of your character beyond 'small', eyes lashes etc. There was nothing wrong with the your original front view, she had character (via an actress) and was suitably resolved (which is why I sent you a corrected side view originally out of confusion). All you needed to do was fix the side view and minor issues and jump into Maya. The drawing above has lost the characters charm of the original and has become much more generic...Changing the fundementals of your character has very little to do with 'exploring for 3D' so I'm worried about the direction you are taking...Why the redesign? What are you trying to achieve?...Can you clarify what is happening?

    1. Yeah I totally see where you are coming from. I just had this worry about not 'looking' like my character due to (what I thought to be) strange proportions. I was thinking that having her looking this way would benefit me yet I feel like this is actually doing me injustice. I've been away over Easter and I'm now focusing on if I should go back to the old face and just quickly do up the side view in relation to the one you showed me, or use another character - Rose-Red. But I think after all this time, sticking to Briar-Rose would be the better choice. So yes, I'm going back down the original direction. I think I just needed someone else to say what I was initially thinking.