Friday, 26 September 2014

Narrative: After Group Meeting Thoughts

New (Basic) Plot Idea
A 'Darker' Route

After having a group discussion today, our ideas turned towards a much darker side of a narrative based upon the pieces of linked inspiration. Our idea emerged from the ''... is more deadly than the male'' half of our saying and therefore we instantly thought of animals that are seen as more dominant and deadly than the male.

(The Tale of The Three Brothers Still Image)

Later we thought of a half spider (black widow) half human female character that could have been part of a freak show and how she has taken out revenge on her twisted keepers/ other male circus acts by creating her 'own' circus. Keeping men as slaves. Our narrative would be a poem spoken in a evil, feminine voice over, a poem about how any female cannot be tamed.

  • Black and White with hints of grubby circus colors of Red and Yellow.
  • Slightly more 2D than 3D effects.
  • Silhouettes.
  • Dramatic camera angles and effective lighting.


  1. You need to check out the infamous movie 'Freaks' by Tod Browning - it's in the CAA office - it doesn't get much darker than that! Come and find me - and also

    and don't forget the fairground of Dr Caligari!

    1. Thanks Phil :) I'll be in Tuesday and I'll come find you. I've checked out both the Tod Browning film and American Horror story trailers and both look very creepy. I specially like the slow creepy circus music that's playing in background, definitely something we can look into.