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@Alan The Hero's Journey: The Chronicles of Narnia

A Hero's Journey: The Chronicles of Narnia
The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

(Narnia Film Poster 2005)

Ordinary World: Earth, or the House of the Professor (Evacuation Home).

Call To Adventure: Discovering Narnia beyond the Wardrobe.

The Meeting with the Mentor: Mr and Mrs Beaver find the four children soon after they enter Narnia and explain to them why they are the chosen four within a prophecy that will end the White Witches rein, and of the true King's return to Narnia; Aslan.

Refusal to The Call: The children think that this must be a mistake, they are just ordinary kids who aren't ready to face such a danger and should 'just go home'.

The Threshold: Leaving the Beavers home and entering the world of Narnia to fulfill the prophecy.

Test, Allies & Enemies: Meeting the animals of Narnia to build an army against the White Witches forces. Edmund has betrayed them and sides with the White Witch. Meeting Aslan.

Approach: Yielding weapons to train and to become warriors ans healers for the fight to come.

The Ordeal. Death & Rebirth: Peter is soon required to make use of his new sword by killing Maugrim, the chief wolf of the White Witches Secret Police, who tries to kill Susan. Peter is victorious, and Aslan makes him a knight.

The Reward: Edmund is returned to Aslan after making a deal with the White Witch.

The Resurrection: Aslan sneaks away in the night to finish the bargain with the Witch, only to be killed on the Stone Table, knowing he will be reborn again stronger and ready to fight.

The Elixir: Everyone is safe and Narnia is restored from the eternal Winter after defeating the White Witch. They are crowned Kings and Queens of Narnia.

The Road Back: The four children, now all grown up, find the old wardrobe and are transported back to their Ordinary World.

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