Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Secret Lairs: Runic Archway Symbols

Quick Ideas for Archway Textures

Quick Photoshop pages about what could be the symbols on the archway within my secret lair digital set. Would be grateful for any feedback regarding further ideas.

I prefer the idea of them having a meaning or a purpose. Demons history or future, etc.


  1. looking nice! Like putting meaning to them if your going to do this remember to add wear and tear to the texturing and the models to really highlight an aged look. Not sure about the writing having its own light if your still going for the black and white scene and single colour light idea but I do like the yellow writing, has a sense of vibrancy to it and there is something I can't quite put my finger on that really grabs me! Hope this Helps! :D

    1. Certainly will. :) but yeah I'm wanting to go for a dramatic look. I need a colour (like black narcissus and Susperia) that will give this uneasy feeling.

  2. Hi - about Friday's animation session...