Friday, 12 February 2016

@Alan/Phil Major Project: Very Rough Storyboard Animatic V2

Legends of Grimm

While pushing my characters, today I have worked on a rough concept of my animation. This rough storyboard animatic is an updated preview of the animation I intend to create for my Major Project. I need feedback so if you have any, please feel free to comment. SFX from League of Legends - used to demonstrate the intention for the voice over and structure the animation itself.

@Phil - I assumed we can go over the script together another time.

The Beast will be the main voice over.

Moonlight view in winter forest.
Pans down to view Silver and Bear Prince.
Close up shots - looking around.
Distance shot as the Beast walks past the camera.
The forest fills with his orange magic.
Beast bursts through the forest and into view of the heroes.
Close running shot as they confront each other.
Ending shot of the beasts glowing eyes.

This animatic isn't a resolved idea, just a collection of ideas.

Original Animatic beginning for Interim Crit

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  1. Hi Heidi :)

    Good to see this up and available - and yes, you've got some nice filmic/theatrical touches in there. I suppose it does seem a little as if you're shying away from your animation duties a bit - for example, we're no longer seeing the functionality of Silver's hands or getting anyway close to understanding that the bear is a heroic figure. You've moved the focus onto the Beast, and that works in terms of engaging us, but what about your heroes...?