Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Minor Project: After Thoughts


I feel that 'the Beast' is my strongest character right now, because I have given time to develop and understand him completely. I know that silver is technically modeled completely, but I also want to push her model further; better detail and slightly higher resolution model. The Bear needs more feature and facial sculpting and finalized clothing. As well as poly hair.

Next Steps

To further character models and then skin, rig and texture.
Finalize the rigging process with extended knowledge from Alan.
Use Mudbox to add details and help the texture progress.
Add dynamics for extra character detail. Example: Beasts constant glowing eyes.
Fully completed turnarounds.
Find voice actor(s).
Storyboard and develop a finalized animatic.
Conceptional environment(s) art.
Model/texture environment.
Pre-visualisation of key scenes of the animation.
Animate fully // Render scenes.
Add extra features in After Effects with Alan's help to extend character quality.
Any other post-production.

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