Sunday, 13 December 2015

Minor Project: The Beast Model Update - Lower Body

The Beast Model Update - Lower Body

Current state of the Beast's lower body sculpt in smooth preview. The geometry flow was easier to understand once his buttocks was figured out.

Extra Edge/Foot/Claws

I have an edge that does not meet with another in his crotch area. If I finish the edge it acts like a spiral around the underwear line ending up with the same 5 sided shape lower down. How should I treat this? There is also the stretched rectangle just underneath, is this ok?

Is the geometry flow correct? I am unsure if the claws are working as in the front drawing they are much wider. I attempted them wider but it then does not fit with the toes. The toes seem too 'pad' like (cute?) is this how they would/should look or is there another way to make his feet seem less 'pedicured'? (Claws 1 & 3 not attached)