Monday, 20 July 2015

Third Year Project: #1 Story Idea

I am not sure if I want to go down a 'film' or 'game' route just yet, however right now this seems like it could be developed with the combination of the two. A game cinematic or game play preview. I think this would be in need of a discussion before my Minor Project starts. I decided to take a much more 'creative' look at this concept, as to me, the initial idea began to appear like another version of Mad Max.

 #1 Story Idea

The 'world' was fueled by the [name] tree that was the source of life. It is the worlds source of food, knowledge, help, and balance. Harnessing it's energy from it's seed. However, one night, the seed was stolen. Decay and unbalance spread through the lands; and soon darkness had replaced the light; and the thought of finding the seed was dwindling.

After the death of the [name] tree, everyone had lost hope to search and find the missing seed. However, the hero never wanted to give up. She kept searching and searching, feeling her chances slipping through her finger tips. Yet, on that night, she discoverers something glowing, wedged between twisting tree roots and plant life. As she moved closer, a burst of pure star light, with a warmth that felt familiar, appeared in front of her. After the light dimmed, she looked back to have discovered a creature. This creature was the 'light' of [world name]. The creature explained to her that it become lost after the [name] tree had lost it's grip on the world. It also explained it would happily guide her on her journey to find the lost seed and restore life back to the world.

A 'creature/monster' stole the seed during the night in blind hatred. The [name] tree never seemed to approve of it's actions, and never gave the answers it desired. (Black Sheep) The creature/monster knew of the [world's name] 'light' that would search for the seed, and was always on the hunt for it, and anyone who came looking. (This still could be worked on. I'm unsure what would make someone/something take the seed initially. Feel like this is a sad story and the monster/creature ''villain'' could eventually be forgiven).

Main Characters(?): 
  • Villain - Guardian
  • Side-kick - Lost Light
  • Hero
  • World Creatures

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  1. Hey Heidi,

    I will respond to this post - but just some advice - don't forget to draw what you're seeing as well as thinking about it through words - time to crack out some sketches! :)