Friday, 9 May 2014

Maya Check-List Submission

Intro to Autodesk Maya 

Geometry Types

P1 Character Modelling

Common Shaders

UV Maps

P2 Character Texturing

Lights & Shadows

P3 Character Lighting & Rendering

Animation P1 Using Rigs

Animation P2 Motion Paths

Animation P3 Using MEL

Intro to Lighting

Exterior Lighting - Mid Day

Exterior Lighting - Sunset

Exterior Lighting - Romantic

Exterior Lighting - Night

Interior Lighting - Sunset

Digital Sets

<In Progress>

Intro to Pre-Visualization

Crane, Dolly & Distance

Focal Length & Camera Shake

Intro to Character Animation

Bouncing Balls

Pendulum, Chain & Jumping Toadstool

Felix Walk Cycle & Can Snatch

Summer Break To Do List:

Intro Into Texturing & Skinning
Intro Into Rigging & Constraints
Visual Effects P1 Deformers & P2 Render Layers & Compositing

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