Friday, 18 April 2014

The Fantastic Voyage: Plant Texturing Experiments

Adding Gradient Textures

Working my way down the plant I added less and less Ambient Colour and Incandescence, and increased the Glow intensity by 0.1 per texture.

The Pain of Texturing a Sphere!

As many know when it comes to texturing a sphere there is always the problem of getting the texture to look smooth and not distorted in any way. However using Photoshop's Distort properities I was able to overcome this problem.

This now has stretched the top half of the texture. I then rotated the duplicate layer of the texture 180 degrees and repeated the process; erasing the top half of the first layer and merging together.

Levels (1) & (2) Plant Textures

<Re-thinking the colours of Level (3)>


  1. I reckon you need that black outline on those spheres too - the same way you've got the outline on your leaf shape - something to make those elements punchier... What do you think?

    1. Hmm yeah I agree, however I'm not sure how to create that look on a sphere...